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I hope you guys all have an awesome day celebrating the day with your mothers.  Don't tell Rita, but I'm gonna visit the Doom Patrol today to spend it with her!  Laters, dudes!

R.I.P. Marie Logan

((It's canon that Beast boy's real mother, Marie, died when she and her husband were caught in the current of a waterfall. They couldn't escape it and died.  Later, after quite a while, Rita and Mento eventually adopted Garfield (Beast Boy) as their son.  ^^))
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Rock'n roll, baby. ;P
  • Reading: ...huh?
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: Videogames
  • Eating: Tofu
  • Drinking: Soda


Beastboy-TeenTitan's Profile Picture
Garfield Logan/ Beast Boy
United States
Other hangout SuperHeroesUnlimited -->…

You mess with my friends, I'll go ape on you. LITERALLY!

Sup, dudes? I've joined this site while searching for cheat codes for a video game me and Cy were trying. And by trying... I mean that I was losing... Uh... Hm. Alright so heres some information about me!

I AM A SHAPESHIFTER OF ANIMALS! :dummy: and for all you bbxrae people... uh. no. My heart still belongs to Terra... even if she doesnt remember me... *ear droop* :iconsadplz:

My real name is Garfield Logan, but you can call me Beastboy. ;P

NO, I am not an alien. Why does everyone think tha-*looks down at self* Oh I get it. The green skin, huh? Well I was born a human being. When I was eight years old, my dad took me to this rainforest where I got bitten by a rare green monkey, which I wouldnt be able to survive. My parents tested something on me to make sure I would survive and it ended up turning my skin green and giving me my powers. My birth parents died soon on a boating accident. I went to the Doom Patrol, but got rejected. After that, I was seen as a threat, but after resisting them and getting closer, I proved myself worthy to them. Eventually, I got pretty much "adopted" by Elastigirl and Mento. Then I came back to the USA and joined the Teen Titans after realizing Mento was a jerk! >8U But I consider my Titans my family now. :3 About 3 years ago, I found a girl named Terra. She was the love of my life, until she wrongly accused me of breaking a huge promise. She joined slade after that, and turned to stone in order to save us all! A few months ago, I found a girl that looked exactly like her... I thought it was her, and I'm still pretty sure it was... but if she was Terra, she totally didn't want me back. =_=

But hey, on a positive note... I'm GREAT at telling jokes. :dummy:

((OOC BIO: Beastboy is the comedic relief of the Titans. But his emotions are unstable, as he uses comedy to hide his troubled past...))

((I dont add OC's onto this list. Only cannons. Sorry. If I added all of my friends on here, it would be very long))
Raven :icongothic-heroine: - She's scary at times, but she's still my friend. Shes secretive about her past and doesnt enjoy being social. Pretty much my polar opposite.
Starfire- :iconstarfirekicksthebutt: - Strongest girl I've ever met! STARFIRE! WHY YOU SO STRONG?! Gah! Note to self: NEVER let Starfire hug you. I think she broke my arm last time... XD

Terra - :heart::heart::heart::heart: *squee* I love her so much. Cept when she's all... yknow. Evil and stuff... or has amnesia. >.<

:iconask-elastigirl: Rita- My adoptive mother. She's always been great to me ever since I've met her. She's been... the only mother I've really got to know... and the only happiness of my childhood after my real parents died.

Favorite, most awesome episode: Employee of the Month
Creepiest, but one of my favorites: The Beast within
An episode that will make you go "wth?!": Every Dog has his day
Most touching Episode ever: (In order for it to be touching, you have to know the whole Terra saga) Things Change

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W0nderG1rlTT Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  New member
Hello Beast boy!Wassup?
Beastboy-TeenTitan Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Nothin' much, Wonder Girl!  What about you?
W0nderG1rlTT Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
I'm fine!Long time no see!
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Hey Beast Boy
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Hey BB
you're my favorite Titan!
i think you would like my painting of you!
it's at the very top of my page ^_^
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Beast Boy did you crash Cyborg's car? 
Beastboy-TeenTitan Featured By Owner 4 days ago
H-huh?! *stiff as a board*
What ever would give you that idea?
MsRavenRachelRothTT Featured By Owner 4 days ago
He was yelling about it this morning..
TT-KidFlash Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  New member
"Beast Boy my man! What's going on?"
Beastboy-TeenTitan Featured By Owner 4 days ago
"Yo, KF!  Not much goin' on around here except the usual bashing of the bad guys! What's up with you?"
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